Monday, October 30, 2017

A Story Of Cowboy Angels

I come to you today with a story on how prayer really works. Yesterday, as I do everyday, I asked that the cowboy angels would watch over my husband as he went out to do what he loves which is work on fence, feed cattle, etc. He usually leaves early and comes in late. Yesterday was no exception. However, he did have one doosy of a story to tell.

He had been in at his dad's helping to mend some fence. For some reason he had the bright idea to stand on top of a big round bale in a bale row while pulling wire. His dad was mowing weeds with a brush hog attachment on a bob cat skid steer. Somehow the wire got caught up in the mower and jerked my husband to the ground quicker than a cowboy getting bucked off a bull. He was left with whip marks from the wire across his face and a story to tell. He said he almost took the big trip.

I told him if he didn't think of safety a little better in the future, I wasn't going to let him go out and play. Thank heaven the angels were with him. As I eluded to earlier, I always pray that cowboy angels will go with him when he leaves the house because always in his stories there is the line, “you never would have thought”. I'm always thanking those angels for interceding for him.

He'll heal up just fine this time and he'll have fun telling his buddies the story.

Thank you for reading.


Avon Representative, Sherry Stoll

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Kawasaki Manufacturing Hiring In Maryville, MO

Kawasaki Manufacturing is now hiring in Maryville, Missouri for all shifts. Here is a list of openings from the Kawasaki website.

At this factory they manufacture small motors that are well known for their excellence in the industry. I am told that it is a team atmosphere and those that work hard are rewarded with advancement and yearly bonuses. It is well worth looking at their website if you're in need of employment.

My thought is that this could be a great opportunity for anyone, but especially for those displaced by hurricanes and fire. If you need or know of someone who needs to start over, Maryville, Missouri is a great place to consider. I've lived on a nearby farm in this community for almost twenty years. We have a population of somewhere near 13,000 and we are the home of Northwest Missouri State University. Our crime rate is low and our people are friendly. It's a nice place to call home.

Another reason I like Kawasaki, is that my husband works there as a maintenance assistant. He does all the preventive maintenance on the forklifts and tuggers, etc on second shift. He tells everyone that it is the best job in the factory. We found out during my recent health scare how magnificent their health benefits are. We are so very thankful for them.

If you have any questions about Maryville, MO, please leave them in the comments. I'll do my best to get you an answer. This is a growing community and you just might love it if you come here.

Thanks for reading.


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Friday, October 6, 2017

A Rainy Wet Day

Today is a rainy wet day here at the farm. My right leg hurts so bad that I could literally scream. I overextended the muscles as I was getting in and out of the shower. My knee and my lower leg are the culprits of discomfort today. In general, my legs are still recovering from the diabetic coma I was in over a year ago. My hope is that at least by acknowledging the pain, I can release it. I'm trying to stay off pain relievers because I don't like them and their side effects.

The day started out with a Pop Tart fire in the kitchen. My husband mistakenly put it in the microwave for three minutes instead of 30 seconds. Smoke was billowing. It's a good thing it was raining so the little fire was put out when the mess was tossed outisde by my husband. The farm cats scattered. They were smart enough to get out of the way.

The dogs seem a little unsettled today. They are barking at more than the cattle walking by. It's so foggy and misty out that I can't really tell the who, what, when, where and how of it all. Most likely the weather has a lot to do with it.

My mom had cataracts surgery this morning. I wasn't able to be with her, but I'm very thankful than my sister and dad were. I'll be taking her a meal tomorrow with my husband. She already put in a request for what she wanted. My husband helped get things ready ahead of time, so we'll just have to pick up and leave in the morning. We live about an hour away.We'll spend the day and leave the leftovers so she doesn't have to cook for a day or two.

I don't have a big evening planned. Sometimes I listen to the local radio station and their coverage of Friday night highschool football games. I never had children of my own and I guess I live vicariously through other families with their kids playing. It seems the games may get rained out tonight anyway. I can always share my Avon website on social media as a plan B.

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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Adjusting My Perspective

I had a restless night this past Sunday night as I was trying to sleep. I had a certain amount of anxiety because Monday morning I had a routine follow-up appointment with my cardiologist. I didn't expect bad news but part of me always fears it.

In my insomnia I turned on the t.v. And flipped by CNN. Oh, no. The horrible mass shooting is Las Vegas was just becoming a huge breaking news story. I cried sitting on the corner of my couch. I was finished trying to sleep for that night. I said many prayers asking for God's mercy over that terrible situation.

I was so tired as I got to my cardiology appointment. As per our usual, my husband drove me. He goes to all my medical appointments with me. It's nice to have that second set of ears. All went well with only an adjustment in my medication. My cardiologist wondered if I would like going to a gym. I currently walk with a cane, so I was inwardly thinking no to that idea. I will continue to do some exercising here at home. I've been doing well with some isometric exercises, but am currently waiting for a thigh muscle to heal that I tweaked. It'll be ok in the grand scheme of things.

The appointment went well with one little hiccup that I hated. I had gained 10 pounds since my last visit six months ago. A big part of that is fluid retention in my legs, especially my thighs. My theory on that is that it is largely hormonal because I have not been blessed with menopause yet. I had a few hopeful months, but it returned with a vengeance.

When I think of what happened in Las Vegas, my fluid retention or my fear of doctors is nothing. I have to adjust my perspective and not be so selfish. It is such a crazy world that we live in.

Thank you for reading along.


Saturday, September 30, 2017

Avon Calling

I've started a new career path. I'm still freelance writing because I love it, but I'm now also selling Avon through an estore. I've been convinced that it's a profitable thing to do these days. I tried to be a regular door-to-door person about ten years ago, but along came a health scare that tanked it.

So, here on my blog, I plan to share with you some of the great Avon products from my estore. You can shop from the comfort of your home and your items will be shipped directly d
to you. It doesn't matter how near or far we live from another, you can be my customer. Isn't that great?

I will start with a great introductory offer that will be available for a short time only. Don't lose out!

Avon Daily Care Collection - Introductory Offer
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Valued at $65, the set includes:

• 2 Skin So Soft Original Shower Gels
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• Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil Spray
• Skin So Soft Original Body Lotion
• Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing and Repair Hand Cream
• Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing and Repair Body Wash

Limit one per customer

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I know that is a lot to digest for the moment. Thank you for reading along and your business is much appreciated.


Sherry Stoll Avon Representative

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Every Day Is A Gift

It's been well over a year since I've written anything on this blog.I really do have a good excuse though. To make a long story short, last August I went into a diabetic coma and nearly died.  My entire body went septic and my heart was knocked out of sinus rhythm. It's been a long year of recovery and I'm still not at full strength.  My legs are still a bit weak, but I'm slowly getting stronger.  Thank heaven that the diabetes is under control now.  I'm just thankful to be alive.

In May of 2016 my very best friend suddenly died from diabetic complications.  The irony of me almost following her does not rest lightly on me. There's a big hole in my heart where the joy of her friendship used to be. 

It amazes me how life moves on.

My husband has been my caregiver.  God blessed me with him. I don't think I would have been able to live alone without him.  Maybe now I could, but not when I first got out of the hospital a year ago. 

When I got out of the hospital, it probably wasn't two weeks later that my dad had an emergency and was in the hospital.  He thought it was pneumonia and it turned out to be lung cancer.  Wow. That was hard to digest. The first time my husband took me to see my dad I was using a walker to get around.  Now I'm using a cane.  

Dad is outliving his diagnosis due to the wonderful power of prayer and the loving care of my mom.  His cancer is in partial remission.  That means it is still there but it isn''t growing.  Thanks be to God.

Every day is a gift for all of us.  Please tell the ones you love that you do and hug them every chance you get.

Until next time,

Sherry Stoll

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Flash Fiction - The Sound Of Thunder

I've decided to try an experiment of flash fiction here on my blog. This statement defines what that is:

Flash fiction is a style of fictional literature of extreme brevity. There is no widely accepted definition of the length of the category. Some self-described markets for flash fiction impose caps as low as fifty three words, while others consider stories as long as a thousand words to be flash fiction.

I hope you will enjoy the stories in this series. Your comments are always appreciated.
The Sound Of Thunder
By Sherry Louise Stoll
(All Rights Reserved)

She liked to write. She wanted to write. She sat down at the computer and stared at the blinking cursor. In boredom, she got up and put a pocket sandwich in the microwave and turned on the radio. The local college station was starting a play by play of a women's basketball game. “Poor girls.” she thought. They had endured a year and a half of a losing coach who blamed the team for every loss they had by always saying in radio interviews, “They didn't come to play.” She guessed he didn't want to play either because he quit without notice several games ago.

Not my circus, not my monkeys.” she thought as she spit out the the first bite of her pocket sandwich. Her pop didn't do much to combat the flaming hot lava burning her mouth.

A sound and reverberation similar to thunder drew her attention to the back porch of her little farm house. The hair on the back of her neck prickled up a bit. It was about 12 degrees in the middle of winter without much hope of a thunderstorm. She listened quietly and hoped no one was out there. She wondered if one of her outdoor cats had body slammed the storm door. She turned up the radio and went back to staring at the daunting cursor.

Inwardly, she smiled because she knew no one who knew her would believe that she sat home alone all dressed up in her jewelry and bright lipstick while listening to a pair of basketball games. They might expect her to squeeze out a poem or something, but not to enjoy sports.

A fan at the game on the radio was beginning to irritate her. He was like a toddler learning that his voice carries in a gym. “Whoa............................................................,” until he ran out of breath was all he could do no matter what either team did. She had no idea who he was rooting for. Maybe she would write about him. But, the porch drew her attention again.

More thunder? Really? She thought not. She crept from her desk in the dining room and through her kitchen. She pulled a small portion of her curtain to the side in anticipation of something to debunk this sound. Nothing.

She clicked off the kitchen light. It was getting harder to breathe as she was realizing that there had to be someone or something on the porch. Standing in the dark by her kitchen door leading to the door to her porch, the floor rumbled with the next sound of thunder. She really wished it actually was thunder. Her stomach was starting to roll because she was losing hope of that.

Where was her cellphone? She felt her pocket and only found her lipstick and a crumpled tissue.

Her mind raced with what she should do. Should she run to the front door with the keys to the car? She thought she wasn't fast enough because she would have to go near the back porch, leap in and drive away. She would reveal herself if she opened the door to the porch. Where was her phone? She had turned off the lights in the house and now didn't have the guts to turn them back on. She was near a panic attack.

Tears rolled down her face as she felt and heard more of this mysterious thunder. This time it was accompanied by the click of a vehicle door. She thought she heard voices but she really wasn't sure.

She braced herself with her back against the kitchen door and tried to calm herself with prayer. “Dear Lord, please protect me and my animals.” She clenched her eyes closed as she prayed.

Next thing she knew, she heard what sounded to her, like a strong electrical device being turned on. She opened her eyes and promptly fainted. Standing in front of her in her kitchen were two little green men. The electrical sound she heard was light moving toward her to beam her inside a spinning airship waiting for her.

She woke up to the sound of her cellphone dinging because it needed to be put on the charger. She vaguely remembered misplacing it. Sitting at her desk with that silly cursor still blinking at her, she figured it really had to be thunder that she had heard. Her banging head sure felt like there was moisture in the air. She thought she must have fallen asleep in her chair because the basketball games were over and the radio was deep into its next section of programming.

She still hadn't written a word.

The Sound Of Thunder
By Sherry Louise Stoll
(All Rights Reserved)

Author's Bio

Sherry Louise Stoll is the author of I Am Blessed. A Collection Of Faith Based Prayers and Affirmations. Sherry enjoys life with her husband on a 160 acre cattle ranch near Maryville, Missouri.