Thursday, August 20, 2015

I Have a Zazzle Store

I love to create things. Working on my knitting looms or crocheting has been a fond pastime for the past few years. I love the texture of all the different yarns out there. I've tried selling what I've made and gifted much of it.

Expanding on that, I've found I like designing on the website, Zazzle. It's a lot of fun for me. I create a design and then place it on their products. People purchase through my store link and then Zazzle fills the order. I have purchased a license with Graphic Stock to legally use their artwork and photos. Worry free creating is a good thing. I have about 49 designs up if you would like to look at them. It's great because I don't have to keep supplies on hand and I earn a commission on any sales I'm blessed to make. 

This is my latest design in my* store. If you love purple like I do, you'll love this purple journal notebook.
Purple Journal Notebook
You like things simple, so this Purple Journal Notebook is for you! Take it with you to capture all your thoughts on the go. You can customize it if you wish.
Artwork designed by

I have many other designs available too.  All are customizable.  I hope you'll have a look.


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I'll Adapt And Keep The Line Moving

I spent far too much of my day in the land of "frequently asked questions" on Google. I was frustrated because I never found a clear answer for my problem. I think my conclusion was that if I want to solve the problem, I need to sign up for a service with a monthly fee.

Somehow I got lost in the shuffle of a new Google dashboard when it debuted. It's not that big of a thing in the grand scheme of things. I'll just have to find a creative solution of my own. It never hurts to brain storm a little. 

It just leaves me longing for the days when you could actually talk to a real person to get help as it involved a little thing on my account that could have probably been resolved in a couple of minutes vs. all my searching in forums.

I'll adapt and I'll keep the line moving.

Thanks for reading.