Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Ramble About Snow, Blood Sugar, And Washing Dishes

A Ramble …

It's snowing here today. We have a winter weather advisory until midnight. The forecast is for up to four inches. I remember when I was a kid that four inches was nothing. We used to get the big snows back then. They were the kind where all the snow had to be pushed into the middle of Main Street and then hauled off in trucks. Both climate and perception seem to have changed.

All I did today was “think” about a Little Debbie Star Crunch and my blood sugar went up. That really irritates me and sometimes makes me wonder why I even try. I had a very healthy lunch and just fantasized about the treat. Maybe it's the weather causing me a bit of anxiety or I'm confusing hunger with the emotion. It's probably good that I have no Star Crunches in the house or I would have one.

I could be washing a few dishes, but I always tell my husband that after 8 p.m the kitchen is closed and I am going to stick to my word. :)

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